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Help with Reading, Comprehension, Writing, and Spelling. Support of Handwriting, and Keyboarding is also available. Applicable for students aged 5-18 (K-12), our Systematic, Sequential, Explicit, and Multisensory Teaching leads to success for students who have previously struggled in academic situations.

For reading, comprehension, writing, and spelling, new students undergo a full assessment to determine how they learn, so a program can be tailored to best suit their needs.

We offer team tutoring where our tutors work with you and your child to make their remediation effective.

Lorna has written a number of blogs for the Orton-Gillingham Online Academy and links for these are provided on Lorna's Resources page. She has produced two webinars on informal assessment of reading, writing and spelling deficits which are now available through the Academy

What's New

A Roadmap For Remediation

Lorna has created two webinars, with the final in the series on its way very soon, and provided for FREE. This series will help you as a teacher, tutor, or determined parent, to create a "Road Map for Remediation," for your struggling readers and writers.

The final webinar in this series of three will be entitled, "A Road Map for Remediation," and is being provided by Lorna FREE during these unprecedented times. Lorna is very keen that teachers, tutors, and parents who wish to go deep in terms of informal assessment of their students and children, have the ability to do so.

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These webinars are for parents, tutors, teachers, and anyone that works with or supports struggling readers and writers of all ages.